Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics helps minimize freight forwarding and transportation costs, making the delivery of even small consignments profitable. We professionally carry out cargo grouping from several suppliers for subsequent shipment by air, sea or road transport.

We have contractual relations with warehouses located in the countries of Asia, North America, Europe, in particular in Germany and the Baltic States.

Temporary storage of goods

We professionally arrange for the temporary storage of goods for their subsequent shipment to the destination. Due to the availability of state-of-the-art warehouse space, we successfully work with goods of any types. When needed, we use a refrigerator warehouse to store cargo that requires a special temperature regime.

Cargo packing

Warehouse logistics services may include careful goods packaging, which will provide additional protection against damage and other environmental impacts during storage and transportation. For solving this problem, we use professional equipment and special packaging materials.

Cargo labeling

By contracting temporary storage of goods with Continental Cargo, you can additionally order cargo labeling. All work is carried out as quickly as possible and in accordance with the requirements of applicable law. We carry out labeling of any type (informational, identifying, as well as barcoding, under the "Honest Mark" system, etc.).

Cargo palletizing

Cargo palletizing is one of the most convenient ways of packing goods. As a result, a sufficiently large number of products are combined into a single transport unit using a pallet and packaging materials (films, belts, etc.). This can significantly reduce shipping costs and simplifies loading and unloading operations.

Recounting and weighing of cargo

We have state-of-the-art equipment for weighing cargo of any type. The warehouse logistics services additionally provide for recounting goods transferred by the client. We guarantee the maximum responsibility and care in the process of carrying out these works.

Organization of reloading (vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-container)

We carry out cargo reloading in "vehicle-to-vehicle" and "vehicle-to-container" formats. The use of this service makes it possible to optimize the cost of transporting products even more. Due to the availability of specialized equipment and highly qualified personnel, work is done quickly and safely.

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