Air freight

Air freight stands out due to its high level of security and ability to deliver goods to remote and inaccessible regions. We guarantee high-speed delivery. The transit time is from 1 to 7 days (depending on the rate and schedule chosen).

Air shipment is carried out by regular passenger, cargo and charter flights. Today we serve more than 100 permanent destinations, and this figure is constantly increasing. Our team will find a solution that fully meets your requirements and needs.

Transportation of cargo to the airport, its handling and customs clearing

An integrated approach is one of Continental Cargo’s strengths. We offer a full range of works from cargo delivery to the airport to its customs clearance. Entrusting us with your air cargo, you get the opportunity to concentrate on your core business, while we will take care of all the transportation of your goods!

International air freight of hazardous cargo

We professionally carry out the transport of hazardous cargo of any category. We take the most responsible approach to the preparation of goods for transportation and their packaging. We are not afraid of difficulties and successfully cope even with the most complex and non-routine tasks. When carrying out air freight, we strictly comply with existing safety norms and standards.

Suuremõõtmeliste veoste lennuvedu

Specialized air transport is ideal for fast and reliable transportation of oversized cargo. We will successfully deliver custom machinery, industrial equipment, complex structures and other oversized items to anywhere in the world. We guarantee the safety of the cargo being transported and the use of the optimal transportation route!

Important! If the cargo is voluminous, it is payable according to the rule of dimensional (volumetric) weight — not for tonnage, but for volume!

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