Product labeling

Product labeling is an effective tool to protect against illegal circulation and production of various products.

In addition, due to state-of-the-art monitoring systems, the labeling of garments and other goods makes it possible to fully control their movement along the distribution chain.

Labeling under the "Honest Mark" system

Labeling under the "Honest Mark" system is a mandatory requirement for a fairly large number of categories of goods entering the Russian markets. This is an effective tool that emphasizes product cleanliness and business transparency, optimizing costs and making it possible to obtain comprehensive information about the movement of products along the logistics chain.


Cargo stickering and labeling are an important step before sending goods for sale to retail chains. Due to this service, storage of products in a warehouse is greatly simplified, and the consumer additionally receives the necessary information about the product. We carry out stickering using various labels and applying information of any type.

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