Road freight

The Continental Cargo logistics company arranges for road freight with a full range of freight forwarding services. We successfully cope with tasks of any scale and level of complexity. We carry out professional container shipping from ports in Europe and the Baltic States.

We offer the most diverse motor transport for the delivery of cargo. We use tent trailers, road trains, refrigerator and isotherm trucks, in the direction of Europe–CIS countries through the Baltic States and the Republic of Belarus. In addition, the road freight from Europe can be carried out using smaller vehicles and vans with a carrying capacity of 1.5 tons to 5 tons.

Multimodal road freight

To deliver cargo, several modes of transport are used, taking advantage of each of them. Continental Cargo’s experienced logisticians will develop a transportation route, taking into account all transshipment points, thereby minimizing the loss of time and money.

For example, we can first deliver the cargo as part of a groupage vehicle, then reload it in a separate vehicle for faster delivery. Another popular example is the maritime shipping from America to the Baltic States and further delivery to the consignee by auto transport.

Delivery of groupage cargo

The international transportation of groupage cargo provides for the delivery of goods from various customers in one vehicle and in one direction. Due to the availability of necessary infrastructure, we collect goods at our groupage warehouse and pack them (when needed), as well as carry out loading work, preparation of documentation and customs clearance.

The groupage cargo transportation can significantly save on the carriage of small consignments. Continental Cargo has warehousing contracts worldwide. This allows us to successfully group cargo in China, the USA, Japan and in many other countries, including, of course, in Europe. We also arrange for the delivery of groupage cargo that require compliance with a temperature regime (in reefers).

Carriage of oversized cargo

Road freight of oversized and sensitive cargo is an important focus area of Continental Cargo. Due to our knowledge and many years of experience, we arrange for trucking oversized cargo and cargo requiring temperature control.

In addition, we carry out carriage of hazardous cargo by auto transport in compliance with the most stringent safety rules and standards. Carriage of hazardous cargo involves the transportation of chemicals, flammable substances, rechargeable batteries, etc.

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